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Transition Exmouth Constitution - As amended 20th June 2015 at the AGM
Name of Group: Following ratification by the 2015 AGM, the organisation previously titled Transition Town Exmouth is now titled Transition Exmouth. No abbreviation shall be used in a formal setting. Mission statement: “To strengthen the community’s response to climate change, inequality and shrinking supplies of resources, including energy, water and land, by building long-term town resilience and reducing carbon emissions.” Aims: 1. Create awareness and understanding of the mission and the Transition Town movement. 2. Apply the Transition Town model to the town of Exmouth and locality. 3. Empower stakeholders to envision and follow pathways of energy descent and practical actions that contribute to the mission. Strategy: Transition Exmouth will achieve these aims by: 1. Organizing and running events that raise awareness of the Transition Town movement| and the aims of Transition Exmouth. 2. Informing the public of events and issues related to the aims through publishing and distributing information by newsletters, website, email etc. 3. Coordinating, informing and empowering the community to follow pathways of practical action. 4. Engaging with the Transition Network, businesses, community and other groups within Exmouth and the surrounding area. 5. Raising funds on a not-for profit basis to fulfil these aims by hiring rooms and equipment, supporting activities of groups, coordinating volunteers, employing staff etc. 6. Reviewing the structure of Transition Exmouth on an ongoing basis. Constitutional changes may be made at an annual or extraordinary general meeting. 7. Creating a group (the UMBRELLA) to facilitate the work of members engaged in these activities. Membership: Members may join on application to a person appointed by the UMBRELLA. 1. Members shall be admitted without preference to wealth, politics, race, sex, disability, age or sexual preference, as long as they live or work in the area of Exmouth and environs and are in agreement with the mission, aims and strategy of Transition Exmouth. 2. Personal members shall subscribe to the UN charter of universal human rights (General Assembly resolution 217A (III) 10 December 1948). 3. Membership of Transition Exmouth is by the yearly payment of a nominal membership subscription to be paid to the membership secretary at the end of each AGM or within a month thereafter. 4. The subscription amount shall be set by each AGM and will be due at the date of the AGM. 5. A member shall cease to be a member if he/she resigns, moves away, is requested to leave by a ¾ majority of the UMBRELLA, or dies. Members requested to leave will have an opportunity to appeal at an extraordinary general meeting.