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Our Exmouth Our Planet Climate Change Networking Meeting  See the Photos HERE  On a cold,  wet Exmouth evening, over 90 people representing 50 different local groups met to discuss their vision for what a low carbon Exmouth might look like, and to identify immediate steps we can all take towards it .    Hosted by Transition Exmouth, this was the first of an exciting series of events brought about by the declaration of a Climate Emergency by local, regional and national governments.      People  present ranged from parliamentary candidates  toExtinction rebellion activists , local businesses to Facebook groups,  Allotment holders to Churches, restaurants to schools.  "The synergy in the room as we all worked together was amazing", said Carol Jay , Transition secretary.    The evening started with a rousing series of welcome speeches from Nicky Nicholls the new Chair of Transition Exmouth, plus the outgoing Chair Adrian O'Toole and local student Jess Nicholls, who inspired attendees with her experiences in the Fridays for Future school strike movement.  Working groups for the evening were formed covering a range of issues : Food , Built Environment, Community, Energy, Transport , Biodiversity and Reducing Waste. Together the groups mapped out all the great things currently happening in Exmouth, and what they would like to see happening in the future. They focused on what actions would be needed to achieve the big visions, and what rapid steps we can all take today.   Nicky Nicholls said, “Tonight was brilliant! But now the hard work really begins. There is such an appetite to support Exmouth, the residents and the Council in achieving the changes that are needed to be Carbon Neutral by 2030. The plan for how to make those desires a reality is being developed and there are some great ideas afoot. Watch this space!"   The most popular long term vision was an Exmouth Eco Hub or  an environmental / arts discovery centre where workshops can be held,   information shared and practical community action taken. This suggestion came up on every table !   A few of the hundreds of ideas for a next step we can all take tomorrow ranged from : Switching to a renewable energy supplier,   volunteering for an eco group , using the Refill shops in Exmouth, cycling more , joining a car share scheme and of course  planting a tree.   You can see all of the notes from every table here;     These contain  suggestions under the headings:  1. Positive stuff is happening in Exmouth now  2. Our vision for carbonfree Exmouth in 2030 3. Who needs to be involved 4. Next Steps we can take as Individuals, Groups and Local Authorities .      Website being revamped
Plastic Free Exmouth
Refill Devon
Fridays for Future
Exmouth Tree Project
Green Drinks
ALRUGRail Users Group
Exmouth Town Council
Labour Party (East Devon)
Bumble and Bees Cafes
Open Door (Men's Shed (re-skilling, etc), ICE, Community Cafe, Nightshift & Haven Projects)
Exeter University Students
Logo Chamber of commerce
Devon County Councillor & Independent parliamentary candidate Claire Wright
Eco Dragons Den
Labour Party (East Devon)parliamentary candidate Dan Wilson
Feel-good Mini Fest / Vegan Market/MindfullyU
Eco Church Network
Exmouth Devon Wildlife Trust Bystock , Hamilton Ln Allotments
Extinction Rebellion
Exmouth Town Council
Exmouth in Bloom
Exmouth Devon Wildlife Trust Bystock , Hamilton Ln Allotments
Saving the Earth One Tip at a Time
Green Party
Exeter Community Energy & Healthy Homes
Queens Dive Centre alternative group
Exmouth Community College
Green Drinks
Devon Wildlife Trust (local group)
Clean Street Exmouth
Heart and Soul
Exmouth Transport Group
School Marpool
Clean Beach Exmouth
Exmouth Swift Group
Rhubarb & Runner Beans
Exmouth Wildlife Group
River Exe Café
Plastic Reduction Working Party
Local Transport Partnership