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Transport 1. What's happening now in Exmouth? Integrated Transport Interchange campaign continues Website – 'Getting Around Exmouth' is being put together with maps for route planning, info about bus timetables, trains, taxis, walks, bike rides, green spaces etc we have good rail connections and service we have good bus services night bus Cycle path Exe trail 2. Vision for 2030 ITI is up and running cycle paths are linked up throughout town town centre and sea front pedestrianised some of the road along the seafront has been removed and replaced with a vegetation barrier public transport is free / cheaper than running a car, frequent and widespread electric car charging points throughout town Electric car & bike share clubs buses run on green energy ie electric and fuel cell 20mph speed limit shuttle buses / electric train / cycle rickshaws along the seafront , in the town centre park and ride shuttle service to the hospital more car share (in mainly electric cars of course) easy car share app narrow gauge railways bike repair workshops at the new Community Eco Hub providing shared bikes throughout town Car free areas around schools – children walk /cycle or school bus reorganise town, planning to encourage walking and cycling, facilities nearby free or discounted public transport less cars on the road park and ride with electric bus into town car free zones and carbon neutral public transport (cheap!) car free zones – town centre and seafront all electric buses electric bike hire and lockable storage, more pedestrian areas in town cycling and walking dominating transport around town inc to schools, less car travel, and cleaner, more rail journeys regular affordable public transport park and ride an integrated network of cycle and walking routes around Exmouth car free town and seafront car free in the town, buses freeor subsidised, cycling given priority that all public transport is run on green energy and is free or very cheap to use hardly any cars, because lots of regular affordable electric buses/train links improve public transport, provide public transport to enjoy natural open spaces eg Woodbury Common free public transport cheap and regular public transport to Exeter to make using the car a waste of time and money lots of people walking and riding buses, no cars in town, all pedestrians, bikes and clean public transport mono rail, light rail a fully integrated greener transport system public and personal more and safer cycle paths and electric bike hire affordable buses, electric in town/hybrid electric/biodiesel out of town, double decker electric trains to Exeter, powered by local solar/wind farms electric hire cars and enough charging points for others rickshaws/pedicabs along the seafront and around town bike hire public ferry to Starcross to easily link with trains to the Torquay area south and west Exeter (running on biodiesel made from the many local chip shops waste oil) a 20mph speed limit enforced across Exmouth sustainable travel given priority – free bus travel and local train travel for all cycling, walking and public transport given priority over private cars promote car sharing public transport to Woodbury Common – and links to make public transport the best option, everywhere